Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wired thinks Ebooks are Ugly

To quote the article found here on Wired:
“There’s a dearth of typographic expression in e-books today,” says Pablo Defendini, digital producer for, the online arm of science fiction and fantasy publisher Tor Books. “Right now it’s just about taking a digital file and pushing it on to a e-book reader without much consideration for layout and flow of text.”
So, perhaps you students can use your new typography knowledge to become a designer for the kindle!

Another quote:
"Designing a cover specifically for an e-book is rare: Most e-book covers are digital images of their print namesakes. That’s likely to change soon, says Savikas, who compares e-book stores today to how Apple’s iPhone App stores were when launched."
Note to Graphic Arts People: Do you see that? These are new jobs just waiting for you to fill.

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