Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Undiscovered 27th Letter

"Cause you can’t see tits on the radio. Fasten those pants for the lap dance. a story about my letter. proximity, similarity, continuity, closure, circle, square, triangle, sound, shape, typeface, lip and mouth movement, sign language, script, print, roman, italic, uppercase, lowercase, vowel, consonant, foreign language, how to draw, how to pronounce, letter frequency, how would it change existing words, sound length, tone group, syntax, semiotics. did someone say salami?"

The undiscovered letter is a way of communicating when regular words just won't do. Sometimes called "Jibber Jabber" or "I make more money than you"—this technique is most commonly employed in hip hop music.

The Art Directors Club held a competition last year for designers to come up with a 27th letter. It was called The Undiscovered Letter. There's some crazy stuff on this site! There were 27 finalists and their work is posted online here.

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