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So you think you can tell Arial from Helvetica?

Test your type anatomy skills here.
Tip: watch for these distinctive letters: C G J Q R S a c e f g r s t.

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The Remedi Project

THE coolest use of type in Flash EVER.
ever. forever.
GO here to see it.
Eric Natzke RULES. His piece is called macronature...and it's in Issue 10.
Love love, type love.

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How to fail a test with dignity

Let's not leave out THE most important resource for InDesign, the Adobe website itself. There's faqs, tutorials, lessons, forums...just about anything you need to figure ID out. However, this site is DEEP>>>Adobe rules the graphic software crowd. There is info there for all the programs they make, and it can get crazy searching for specific things.
The InDesign section is here.
But even better, the COMPLETE list of InDesign CS4 Videos is here...
Sit down, put your feet up, and learn something. is well known by design professionals. I love the logo...
There is a nice pile o' tutorials for you on this site. They are VIDEO, so if you want to sit back and be spoon fed, this is for you.
Placing and Flowing Text
A good tutorial. Makes sense, and it's easy to follow with little fluff. Just the way I like it.
All of these tutorials are not free. They have a sampling of videos available on the site. You pay by subscription on this site, $25 month...$250 year. You have to be serious for this investment!

LAYERS magazine - Adobe goldmine

LAYERS magazine has a terrific website and a gob of pages that apply to InDesign (which from now on will be abbreviated..ID!) and the rest of the Adobe suite, including Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash. These are videos tutorials and they go into a whole bunch of topics, such as...
Tips on Using Guides in InDesign--
Guides are your pal. They help you get things lined up and show you where you are placing things in relationship to each other. Teaches you about setting up a grid.
Headline Style Using Effects in InDesign
You are flashy and need to stand out. You want to get tricky right away. This tute will show you how.
There's a lot of info and cool stuff to try on this site. Learn something new, and surprise yourself.

Adobe Press -

Type in Real World Adobe InDesign CS4
This is a tutorial in the reader-style. There's no video!
Articles supply info on some of the features of InDesign.
Interesting quote I picked up from this article:
"Note that InDesign does not have “type styles” in the same way that other programs do—it makes no assumption that the selected font family has a “bold” or “italic” member, and will never generate a fake bold or italic version. If you don’t have a font for a particular type style, you won’t see it on the Type Styles menu"
This is sweet. In Quark--the "other" page layout program that you may find out in the field, you have the ability to bold or italic any font, whether you have the bold and italic members of the font family or not! This has caused problems when outputting to film. I do like this feature!

What's your learning style?

Some people learn by reading. I am one of them. I skim the text and find the part I need, and then move on. My brain doesn't have the time to sift through anything extra. That's why I personally find the video tutorials annoying. I have to listen to the entire thing to get that one piece of info I am looking for. Drives me nuts. I am a visual person. I need to see it.
However, I understand we all don't learn the same way. You may be the type who see it done just once, and you never need to see it again. A video may be the perfect way for you to get the gist of a new software program. There's a ton of videos out there available for InDesign. It's staggering, actually. So if video is your bag, you are in luck.
Whatever your method, DO NOT rely on just class to help you understand the workings of layout on a computer. Explore what is out there for YOU. Figure out what fits YOUR learning style best. And then go do it.
Since we are working in InDesign on the computer now, I figured I would post a bunch of InDesign resources here. I hope to list both videos and text, so you can find the tutes that work for you.
No matter how we tackle the learning of InDesign, we have to remember that we are Designers First. It is our goal to think about our problems creatively, and then solve them creatively.

The illustration below from The Central Office of Design adds a graphic explaination of design thinking.
Design Thinking
figure 1: The Design Process from a great height

They explain on their web site that they "start each project assuming nothing, especially about what the solution to the problem might be, and embark on the process with empathy for the final consumer of the solution. Whether it be an employee, child, or mother of three." ...or a Coby college student attempting to solve a design problem.

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love the upper case M...

idsgn blog has a great series called "Know Your Type". The latest is on Gill Sans.