Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Printing Process

From extensive searching and asking many Graphic Designer students, I have come across and artist by the name of Andy Warhol, a famous artist mostly renowned for his silkscreen pop art of Marylin Monroe. Now, the process of silk-screening is very difficult as in you have to start from scratch and the materials are not exactly easy to get. I may try to do my own when i figure out how to get every thing together and make it a project. From the way it is done, many different processes and projects can be done.

I would actually recommend doing a movie poster this way because you can control the negative spacing while painting. Being in control of how you can form the lettering without having to use a pre-formed platform makes this a more profitable way to enjoy making something that is your own. (I apologize for not having a picture, the button wouldn't let me click it.)


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