Tuesday, October 19, 2010

History of Asian Typography

The history of typography is a very broad topic to cover. For instance, many countries around the world have their own take of how they print their own lettering. Many countries have started with wood, steel and ink. One country in particular, Japan, has a very unique way of creating type. During the feudal era of Japan, many of the writing were done by calligraphy, which is the painting of letters with a brush of various tip sizes and a small well of ink. This was a painstakingly long and tedious endeavor.
As the turn of the century came, the wooden blocks were made as was a different method of lettering. Each wooden block would have a word embossed in the wood and each block would painted over with ink and lined up in an order desired. they are then placed in between two wooden presses and pressed down upon with force. The picture provided has a form of the woodblock pressing on a tranquil Japanese scroll.

In my own personal belief, the Japanese lettering can also be counted a-s an art form as well as well as a historical advancement of mass production of documents.

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