Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Printing Process- Gravure

How it looks.
Almost like offset, but extremely high quality. The cost is prohibitive and it is rare if ever that anyone would consider this method for an invitation job. Harder to find in the United States.
How it is done.
Basically, gravure turns everything in the image into halftone dots. The plate cylinder consists of tiny cells, varying in depth and width, that hold the ink. As the press runs, a doctor blade scrapes excess ink off the surface of the plate, leaving ink only in cells. As the paper contacts the plate, the ink is transferred, reproducing type, rules, graphics, and photographs as composites of very fine dots. Gravure is used only in very long runs, usually for publications and packaging printing

-i would use this method if i wanted to mass produce high quality pictures.

Company that uses Gravure Printing: Big 'd' Label & Printing Company Incorporated

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