Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Adobe Press -

Type in Real World Adobe InDesign CS4
This is a tutorial in the reader-style. There's no video!
Articles supply info on some of the features of InDesign.
Interesting quote I picked up from this article:
"Note that InDesign does not have “type styles” in the same way that other programs do—it makes no assumption that the selected font family has a “bold” or “italic” member, and will never generate a fake bold or italic version. If you don’t have a font for a particular type style, you won’t see it on the Type Styles menu"
This is sweet. In Quark--the "other" page layout program that you may find out in the field, you have the ability to bold or italic any font, whether you have the bold and italic members of the font family or not! This has caused problems when outputting to film. I do like this feature!

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